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5 Major Diets to Lower Cholesterol and Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

When choosing a diet, there are many factors to consider. What do you want to accomplish? How long do you want it to take? Do you have one goal, or many? There are five commonly undertaken diets (there are many more of course, but we have compiled the best five) and each has its own benefits in terms of weight reduction, blood sugar stabilization and lowering cholesterol. Some are incredibly restrictive and particular, while others are much more generic but perhaps not as effective. However, regardless of which one you are considering, they are all suitable diets to lower cholesterol, reduce weight and lower blood sugar too

Soy Milk and Cholesterol Studies – High Potential of Soy Protein!

When most people think of soy, they think of little more than an alternative source of protein for the health conscious or, dare we say, hippy crowd. However, there are many benefits to the plant based product in terms of boosting health. Recently, the relationship between soy milk and cholesterol has been examined, for instance. And, although current studies are preliminary at best, they show some promise that soy milk may just be a healthy part of a low fat low cholesterol diet with the potential to positively affect LDL numbers

Cholesterol in Milk – Good or Bad?

The cholesterol in milk has been a point of hot debate. After all, milk is chock full of nutrients that the body needs, including those necessary to build healthy bones. In fact, sixteen that are vital to many physiological processes, some that are hard to find in products other than milk. Vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are all found in milk, and so are nutrients like niacin, riboflavin and folate