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Cholesterol in Eggs – Old Myths and Proven Facts!

If you have high cholesterol, no doubt you have been told to avoid eggs at all costs and eat more oatmeal. And, it is not shocking that the high amount of cholesterol in eggs has led to their seemingly deserved place among the biggest offenders for raising blood fat levels. However, as studies have become more abundant and we have learned more about the way in which our bodies handle ingested cholesterol, the old notions about the egg’s affiliation to raising cholesterol numbers is being challenged

Cholesterol in Butter vs Margarine – Which One Is Healthier?

Ah, Butter. Whether real or fake, it just does not seem like toast or rolls can live without it. It is used in baking, used in cooking and used on, well, just about everything! The amount of fat and cholesterol in butter combined with its complete lack of solid nutrition make it little more than a health hazard to most. However, butter has become much more confusing as of late, with some manufactured margarines going so far as to claim that they are good for you! Is there any truth to that? Well, let’s explore butter and margarine and find out if either is a suitable part of a cholesterol diet

Cholesterol in Meat and Poultry Comparison Chart

The amount of cholesterol in meat has left it relatively off the table so to speak for those who are battling higher than desirable cholesterol numbers. However, recent studies have shown that not only are many of our preconceived notions about high cholesterol foods perhaps holding less water than once thought, but also that the way in which we choose to eat some of our favorite meats can have a big role in the way in which these notorious high cholesterol foods may impact our health