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How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Food and Supplements?

Wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally? You are not alone. Millions of people have higher than desirable levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol, low levels of good cholesterol or both simultaneously. The old adages of “eat more oatmeal” and “eat more almonds” are fine, but it is virtually impossible to live on oatmeal and almonds alone. And, it is also very boring. So how can you lower cholesterol naturally by eating foods and taking supplements without being stuck on a nut and oatmeal diet?

Ginger Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Ginger is often thought of as a root, but it actually has a more technical name. It is a rhizome found at the base of the plant called Zingiber officianale. While few have heard of the plant from which ginger comes from, most everyone is familiar with the rhizome it produces. Ginger is most often associated with culinary applications nowadays, however the “root” has been used medicinally for centuries upon centuries

Vitamins for Cholesterol Control – B3, C, E, D and Omega-3s

It may seem strange to think about using vitamins for cholesterol reduction, however in some cases, that may be just what the doctor ordered – literally! Various vitamins have been attributed to lowering cholesterol numbers. And, although just only one has been clinically proven to actually cause a dip in LDL, studies have shown that various vitamin supplementation may be able to promote healthy lipid levels

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplements Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements have become wildly popular in recent years due to their many purported healthful benefits. The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that because our bodies cannot manufacture them, they must be obtained from other food sources or supplements. These supplements are used for a wide variety of purposes including boosting brain function and generalized development and growth

Cholestoff Complete Benefits and Side Effects

Cholestoff Complete is a supplement that uses plant sterols and stanols to reduce bad cholesterol naturally. The manufacturer, Nature Made, explains that their Cholestoff product contains 1800 milligrams of these natural compounds in two daily 900 milligram doses, which is just shy of the 2000 milligrams recommended by The National Cholesterol Education Program. But, just how does the product work? And, how do its benefits stack up against potential side effects?

Benefits of Yarrow Tea for Cholesterol Control

The benefits of yarrow have long been written in the history books, even from a mythological perspective, as it is said that Achilles himself carried the plant during battles in order to use its wound healing benefits on fallen companions. From these mystical roots, the plant’s inner medicinal uses have only further proliferated, with the plant being thought to be useful for everything from menstrual cramps to nosebleeds

Apple Cider Vinegar and Cholesterol Levels Control Studies

When it comes to health claims, few consumer products have as many purported ones behind it as apple cider vinegar. The sour beverage, made from apple must or cider that is then fermented and treated with bacteria has been the source of health related remedies in folk medicine for decades. An article on Health Central nicely details just a few of these various claims, including apple cider vinegar’s use for the skin, detoxification, yeast infections, digestive health, diabetes and even cancer. It also touches on a potential link between apple cider vinegar and cholesterol