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Top 10 Simple Yet Delicious Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

When it comes to recipes to lower cholesterol, it may seem like there just are not many delicious and fulfilling choices. However, that could not be further from the truth. There are numerous meal options that not only can help contribute to lower cholesterol numbers, but that do so without sacrificing taste, texture and enjoyment.

Low Cholesterol Meals – Top 10 Delicious Choices!

LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” form of the lipids that are found in our bloodstreams that the bodies use for everyday and vital processes like building cells and using energy. Its levels from person to person vary depending on many factors like age, activity level, genetics, risk factors and dietary intake. Since an increased level of LDL cholesterol in the blood is considered an important precursor to coronary illness later in life, controlling it is important in people who are able to use lifestyle changes to make an impact. One of the most common of these methods includes the incorporation of low cholesterol meals as a part of dietary changes.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods – Top 10 NEW Foods You Should Consider!

What is cholesterol? Well it is essentially fat (lipid) molecules that are found in the blood that are used by the body for many processes, including the building of cells. It is made in the liver and also comes from the foods we eat. While the body needs it for everyday functioning, high cholesterol is an important precursor to the later development of heart related conditions and illnesses.

Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet – Why This Diet Is Not Always Working!

It would seem logical that a low fat low cholesterol diet would take care of just about every case of elevated lipids in existence. But, that is not always the case. This can be very perplexing for people who have chosen to add in more foods to lower cholesterol like oatmeal and omit those that have been shown to elevate lipid levels, like those high in saturated fats. But, while reducing dietary cholesterol intake as well as bad fats are both very important parts of a cholesterol diet, there is one component that is often forgotten, and that is sugar

Cholesterol in Butter vs Margarine – Which One Is Healthier?

Ah, Butter. Whether real or fake, it just does not seem like toast or rolls can live without it. It is used in baking, used in cooking and used on, well, just about everything! The amount of fat and cholesterol in butter combined with its complete lack of solid nutrition make it little more than a health hazard to most. However, butter has become much more confusing as of late, with some manufactured margarines going so far as to claim that they are good for you! Is there any truth to that? Well, let’s explore butter and margarine and find out if either is a suitable part of a cholesterol diet

Cholesterol in Fish – Why We Need to Eat More Fish!

Understanding the pros and cons of the cholesterol in fish can be somewhat confusing. On one hand, it is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that fish (even healthy and beneficial choices like mackerel) contain some cholesterol (and, some fish are worse than others). However, many types of fish are considered good cholesterol foods. Well, how can that be when some options (like the aforementioned mackerel which contains 78 milligrams per fillet) can contain up to one quarter of the daily recommended amount of cholesterol for people who are not struggling to control their LDL levels

Soy Milk and Cholesterol Studies – High Potential of Soy Protein!

When most people think of soy, they think of little more than an alternative source of protein for the health conscious or, dare we say, hippy crowd. However, there are many benefits to the plant based product in terms of boosting health. Recently, the relationship between soy milk and cholesterol has been examined, for instance. And, although current studies are preliminary at best, they show some promise that soy milk may just be a healthy part of a low fat low cholesterol diet with the potential to positively affect LDL numbers

Oatmeal and Cholesterol Studies – Why Oats Are The Best Grains for Heart?

Few foods have been as intimately linked with health benefits as oatmeal and cholesterol have. In fact, when many people think of oatmeal, reducing bad LDL levels is one of the first things that come to mind. However, there is no magic compound in oatmeal that makes it one of the good cholesterol foods. In fact, most researchers are not quite sure just how it is that oatmeal and cholesterol are related. But they have some theories and, some compelling studies to support them

Low Cholesterol Diet Plan: Do’s and Don’ts!

Sticking to a low cholesterol diet plan can be somewhat challenging. Choosing which foods to eat and not eat can be stressful when emphasis becomes more about foods to avoid and foods to add and less about an overall sensible dietary and lifestyle change. It is not difficult to make wise choices when a funnel cake becomes available or an all you can eat seafood buffet is passed over. However, skipping out on individual foods like notorious shrimp (which is rapidly becoming less of a cholesterol enemy) and certain kinds of meat are not the only important parts of a low cholesterol diet plan