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Artichoke Tea Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction and Liver Cleanse

Ah, the artichoke. Perhaps one of the most unusual looking of all vegetables, it has remained an important part of Mediterranean culture and cuisine for centuries. Barely heard of or tasted by many in western culture, the artichoke has been a mainstay of cooking, teas and even liquor in parts of the world for many years. It may come as no surprise that this thistle relative has also been associated with many medicinal uses for possibly as long as it is found its way into main dishes

Cholesterol in Milk – Good or Bad?

The cholesterol in milk has been a point of hot debate. After all, milk is chock full of nutrients that the body needs, including those necessary to build healthy bones. In fact, sixteen that are vital to many physiological processes, some that are hard to find in products other than milk. Vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are all found in milk, and so are nutrients like niacin, riboflavin and folate

Cholesterol Levels for Men – When Should I Start to Worry?

Cholesterol levels for men can be affected by an incredibly wide variety of factors. Diets that are high in bad fats, for instance, tend to lead to higher than desirable cholesterol levels. And, a sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with out of whack lipid levels. Generally speaking, unhealthy vices like smoking and excessive drinking can also lead to higher than normal cholesterol and, there are also those pesky genetic gifts like heredity and family history to consider as well

Alcohol and Cholesterol Numbers – How Does Booze Affect Them?

Most people do not realize that alcohol and cholesterol are related and further do not understand how minimal and moderate alcohol use can actually be a benefit for those with higher than desirable levels of cholesterol. While alcohol has gotten a bad rap for some negative effects that it can have on the body, there are also some benefits to certain types of alcohol thanks to beneficial compounds it contains

Healthy Cholesterol Levels – How to Achieve and Keep Them Steady?

Before worrying about how to achieve healthy cholesterol levels, you must first understand what cholesterol is and just what an ideal level of cholesterol is. The National Institutes of Health explains that cholesterol is a fatty substance with a waxy sort of consistency that is found all throughout the body, and in every cell. While high cholesterol levels may carry a negative connotation, cholesterol is important and necessary to an incredible amount of physiological processes, including the very construction of cells

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk: Statistics and Current Research

Most people know that cholesterol and heart disease are related. The problem is that most do not even know just how much they are related; specifically in what way they are related; and how new research has affected some of the old notions about high cholesterol and coronary risk. As the scientific community has made rapid advances in the fields of heart disease (likely due to the condition’s death chart topping ranking) our understanding about what we eat and how it ultimately plays a role in our long term heart health has become much more clear, as preconceived notions have been shattered and a new and more health conscious crowd has embraced the lifestyle changes necessary to promote coronary health