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High Cholesterol Diet: Myths and Facts

Starting a high cholesterol diet may seem incredibly easy. After all, it is just adding in a bowl of oatmeal and a handful of nuts a day, right? Wrong. A proper high cholesterol diet is much more than a daily serving of hot cereal and a few walnuts – it is about healthy eating that incorporates compound rich whole foods that can help lower LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol and cut down on triglycerides.

Low Cholesterol Foods List – Keep Eggs, Meat and Seafood on The List!

When it comes to a typical low cholesterol foods list, some things just never seem to change. Adding in extra oatmeal and nuts and avoiding meat products and eggs are the commonalities associated with a characteristic low fat low cholesterol diet. But, new studies are emerging that are changing these preconceived notions, and pointing to wider dietary changes and healthier lifestyles in general as better inclusions to a cholesterol diet.

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid – Sugar and Starches!

When most people think about high cholesterol foods, they think about deep fried goodies and foods laden with bad fats. And, there is a lot of truth to these high cholesterol foods to avoid being linked to higher than desirable levels of LDL. However, it is quite possible that staying away from the well known high cholesterol foods is only part of the equation and, that many previously taboo foods for those with elevated LDLs may be less of a problem than other common culprits like sugars and starches.

Ginger Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Ginger is often thought of as a root, but it actually has a more technical name. It is a rhizome found at the base of the plant called Zingiber officianale. While few have heard of the plant from which ginger comes from, most everyone is familiar with the rhizome it produces. Ginger is most often associated with culinary applications nowadays, however the “root” has been used medicinally for centuries upon centuries

What Causes High Cholesterol Besides Diet?

Wondering what causes high cholesterol? Well, you are not alone. Millions of people who have committed to dietary changes are still left with high cholesterol levels. Even when heart healthy fare like oatmeal and fish are added and high cholesterol foods to avoid like those laden with saturated fats are omitted, the numbers remain elevated in some individuals. So what causes high cholesterol besides diet? And, is diet still important if there are other factors contributing to your high cholesterol? The answers may surprise you

Niacin for Cholesterol Dose Benefits and Side Effects

Niacin is a vitamin (it is also called vitamin B3) and it is considered a nutrient that is essential to human life and development. While niacin is most often thought of in terms of health benefits as something not to have a deficiency in (thus the onset of pellagra) it is actually considered useful in some health applications, such as the use of niacin for cholesterol. In terms of dietary intake alone, the regular daily consumption amount is between 2 and 12 milligrams for children and 14 milligrams daily for women

Artichoke Tea Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction and Liver Cleanse

Ah, the artichoke. Perhaps one of the most unusual looking of all vegetables, it has remained an important part of Mediterranean culture and cuisine for centuries. Barely heard of or tasted by many in western culture, the artichoke has been a mainstay of cooking, teas and even liquor in parts of the world for many years. It may come as no surprise that this thistle relative has also been associated with many medicinal uses for possibly as long as it is found its way into main dishes

Crestor Side Effects – Common and Rare

Crestor is a synthetic statin medication, and it is one of the most popularly prescribed medicines for use in lowering cholesterol. Statin drugs like Crestor work by limiting the production of substance in the liver. Up to three quarters of the cholesterol found in the blood comes from the liver, thusly medications that slow this production process have shown to be effective at lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease over time

Cholesterol in Milk – Good or Bad?

The cholesterol in milk has been a point of hot debate. After all, milk is chock full of nutrients that the body needs, including those necessary to build healthy bones. In fact, sixteen that are vital to many physiological processes, some that are hard to find in products other than milk. Vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are all found in milk, and so are nutrients like niacin, riboflavin and folate

Cholesterol in Seafood – Good or Bad?

Fears concerning the cholesterol in seafood have made it a pretty regular high ranker on the list of foods to avoid if your cholesterol levels are higher than they need to be. But, while there are many misconceptions about dietary intake and cholesterol numbers, new studies are pointing to a very different relationship that ocean dwelling fare may have with blood fat levels.