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Good Cholesterol Foods List – 10 Foods that Increase HDL Cholesterol!

When we think of good cholesterol foods, we typically think of those that will not contribute to an increase in cholesterol levels but help to lower them instead. However, that is only part of the equation. What often forgotten about is HDL (good) cholesterol. While it may not get the same famed status as the more sinister of the cholesterol types, HDL cholesterol is also very important. And, like LDL cholesterol, HDL levels can also be affected by dietary intake.

How to Increase HDL Cholesterol Levels Naturally?

Cholesterol can be downright confusing. Controlling high cholesterol levels is not clear cut, and it is not a one way street. It is simply not just about reducing bad LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol. It is also about finding ways to increase HDL cholesterol. The term HDL refers to “good” or high density lipoprotein cholesterol. It is incredibly important for many reasons, but most notably for its role in reducing bad cholesterol.

Home Cholesterol Test Kits Review – How Accurate Are They?

Home cholesterol test kits are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are finding out that they have high cholesterol levels and hence a greater risk of developing heart disease later in life. But, are these kits accurate? And, what type of picture do they provide about cholesterol and overall health?

Cholesterol Blood Test Results Explained – Fasting vs Nonfasting!

A period of fasting is often required by a health care provider preceding a cholesterol blood test. Along with tests to look for diabetes that measure sugar, a lipid panel is one of few monitoring tests that require a period of not eating before the blood is taken. This is because a large meal or meals containing certain type of foods may interfere with or react with the results, which can indicate or refute the need for cholesterol medications or treatment plans based on inaccurate results

Cholesterol in Fish – Why We Need to Eat More Fish!

Understanding the pros and cons of the cholesterol in fish can be somewhat confusing. On one hand, it is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that fish (even healthy and beneficial choices like mackerel) contain some cholesterol (and, some fish are worse than others). However, many types of fish are considered good cholesterol foods. Well, how can that be when some options (like the aforementioned mackerel which contains 78 milligrams per fillet) can contain up to one quarter of the daily recommended amount of cholesterol for people who are not struggling to control their LDL levels

Low HDL Cholesterol Causes – Why Is My Good Cholesterol So Low?

Cholesterol is a waxy type of fatty substance that is found in the body. The abundance of what is found in our bodies is produced by the liver, with a small percentage (about 25%) being derived from the foods that we eat. The term cholesterol often comes with a negative implication; however, the substance is critically important to many processes that occur within the body. There is not just one type of cholesterol

Healthy Cholesterol Levels – How to Achieve and Keep Them Steady?

Before worrying about how to achieve healthy cholesterol levels, you must first understand what cholesterol is and just what an ideal level of cholesterol is. The National Institutes of Health explains that cholesterol is a fatty substance with a waxy sort of consistency that is found all throughout the body, and in every cell. While high cholesterol levels may carry a negative connotation, cholesterol is important and necessary to an incredible amount of physiological processes, including the very construction of cells