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Ginger Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Ginger is often thought of as a root, but it actually has a more technical name. It is a rhizome found at the base of the plant called Zingiber officianale. While few have heard of the plant from which ginger comes from, most everyone is familiar with the rhizome it produces. Ginger is most often associated with culinary applications nowadays, however the “root” has been used medicinally for centuries upon centuries

Cholesterol in Chicken – Why Chicken Meat May Not Be Your First Choice!

In terms of heart healthy meats, it seems that few choices stack up to chicken (boneless, skinless white breast meat that is). However, not everything about the cholesterol in chicken is as rosy at it appears. And it is possible that the Thanksgiving delight, turkey, may in fact be a superior poultry option for those with moderate to elevated levels of cholesterol. So why and how is this when both bird types are considered better options in terms of cholesterol than other meats and shellfish

Low Cholesterol Diet Plan: Do’s and Don’ts!

Sticking to a low cholesterol diet plan can be somewhat challenging. Choosing which foods to eat and not eat can be stressful when emphasis becomes more about foods to avoid and foods to add and less about an overall sensible dietary and lifestyle change. It is not difficult to make wise choices when a funnel cake becomes available or an all you can eat seafood buffet is passed over. However, skipping out on individual foods like notorious shrimp (which is rapidly becoming less of a cholesterol enemy) and certain kinds of meat are not the only important parts of a low cholesterol diet plan