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Best Supplements to Lower Cholesterol: Top 10 Picks!

Many things that are found in nature can have a positive effect on our health. For those suffering from high cholesterol, new and exciting studies have shown that naturally occurring compounds in plants and even our own bodies can have a helpful impact on reducing LDL levels.

Ubiquinol Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction and Side Effects of Statin Drugs

Found in a great number of supplements and over the counter products, ubiquinol may seem like a relatively simple and straight forward biological compound. However, it is actually a reduced yet complex form of Coenzyme Q10 that occurs naturally in mammals and is rich in electrons. Sounds like a science experiment? Well, it sort of is, as ubiquinol plays a role in the use of energy in the body as well as antioxidant protection

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits for High Cholesterol Patients

Interestingly enough despite mounting evidence, many people are not aware of the multitude of Coenzyme Q10 benefits that can be derived from the naturally occurring nutrient. It is a chemical substance that is responsible for creating energy, and it is considered a powerful antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body, and Dr. Mercola points out on his website that the amounts present in the body tend to lessen as we age. However, there is another causative force behind diminishing levels of Coenzyme Q10, and that is the use of statin medications. Unfortunately, this decrease can result in some pretty disastrous consequences