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Home Cholesterol Test Kits Review – How Accurate Are They?

Home cholesterol test kits are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are finding out that they have high cholesterol levels and hence a greater risk of developing heart disease later in life. But, are these kits accurate? And, what type of picture do they provide about cholesterol and overall health?

Cholesterol Blood Test Results Explained – Fasting vs Nonfasting!

A period of fasting is often required by a health care provider preceding a cholesterol blood test. Along with tests to look for diabetes that measure sugar, a lipid panel is one of few monitoring tests that require a period of not eating before the blood is taken. This is because a large meal or meals containing certain type of foods may interfere with or react with the results, which can indicate or refute the need for cholesterol medications or treatment plans based on inaccurate results

Cholesterol Levels for Men – When Should I Start to Worry?

Cholesterol levels for men can be affected by an incredibly wide variety of factors. Diets that are high in bad fats, for instance, tend to lead to higher than desirable cholesterol levels. And, a sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with out of whack lipid levels. Generally speaking, unhealthy vices like smoking and excessive drinking can also lead to higher than normal cholesterol and, there are also those pesky genetic gifts like heredity and family history to consider as well

Cholesterol and Triglycerides – Why Do You Need to Keep Them Both in Check?

When it comes to controlling cholesterol and triglycerides levels, understanding how much control you may have over them is the first step. Cholesterol and triglycerides are both blood fats, they are both necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and too much of them have been attributed to a greater risk of coronary related illnesses. But, they are very different in many ways too. Cholesterol is made by the body and ingested with the food that we eat. It is used by the body to make cells and carry out numerous vital processes

High Cholesterol Levels: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Cholesterol is an important compound found within the body. It is a blood fat (also known as a lipid) that contributes to the building and repair of cells and important processes like the synthesis of certain hormones such as those from the adrenal glands and those useful for reproduction. When high cholesterol levels are present, it is often a reference to bad cholesterol (LDL or low density lipoprotein). The American Heart Association explains that high cholesterol can lead to an increased risk of certain cardiovascular conditions like heart disease and heart attacks as well as strokes