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Best Supplements to Lower Cholesterol: Top 10 Picks!

Many things that are found in nature can have a positive effect on our health. For those suffering from high cholesterol, new and exciting studies have shown that naturally occurring compounds in plants and even our own bodies can have a helpful impact on reducing LDL levels.

Garlic and Cholesterol Reduction Interesting Facts

Garlic is thought to contain some of the most powerful natural compounds amongst alternative options for natural healing. Throughout history, it has been used for everything from deafness to leprosy, and it is known as a natural blood thinner. Unfortunately today it is best known use merely to flavor foods like meats and sauces. However, the powerful substances that garlic contains still remain, and may be showing promise for another common health problem – high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Levels in Children – What to Do?

When most people think of high cholesterol, they think of a problem that affects primarily adults (and, even more so as age increases). However, cholesterol levels in children can be elevated as well, and it is important that they are identified and reversed to help contribute to reduced risks of heart related illnesses as well as the development of dangerous cholesterol levels later in life

Cholesterol Levels for Women – How Does Menopause Affect Them?

Ah, menopause! It is the time in a woman’s life when their bodies go through changes that no longer allow them to menstruate or bear children. It usually occurs to middle age women around the age of fifty, but it can occur as early as forty or as late as sixty on average. Many changes occur to the body during this time, with the majority of them being hormonal in nature. However, new evidence suggest that changes in cholesterol levels for women also occur during menopause, which can drastically increase the risk of coronary related illness following the change of life

Ubiquinol Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction and Side Effects of Statin Drugs

Found in a great number of supplements and over the counter products, ubiquinol may seem like a relatively simple and straight forward biological compound. However, it is actually a reduced yet complex form of Coenzyme Q10 that occurs naturally in mammals and is rich in electrons. Sounds like a science experiment? Well, it sort of is, as ubiquinol plays a role in the use of energy in the body as well as antioxidant protection

Cinnamon and Cholesterol Lowering Studies

Cinnamon is a sweet treat that can be added to everything from main dishes, desserts and beverages too, in order to impart a unique and delightful flavor. It has been used for centuries medicinally as a treatment for everything from inflammation to yeast infections. With the ever rising rate of people plagued with higher than desirable levels of bad cholesterol it is no wonder that in modern science, the relationship between cinnamon and cholesterol has begun to be explored

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits for High Cholesterol Patients

Interestingly enough despite mounting evidence, many people are not aware of the multitude of Coenzyme Q10 benefits that can be derived from the naturally occurring nutrient. It is a chemical substance that is responsible for creating energy, and it is considered a powerful antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body, and Dr. Mercola points out on his website that the amounts present in the body tend to lessen as we age. However, there is another causative force behind diminishing levels of Coenzyme Q10, and that is the use of statin medications. Unfortunately, this decrease can result in some pretty disastrous consequences

Fish Oil and Cholesterol Studies – How Fish Oil Reduces Cholesterol!

The relationship between fish oil and cholesterol has been explored for many years. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are what are thought to have the positive impact on cholesterol numbers in studies. While there is still some debate in the scientific community regarding just how positive of an effect fish oil may have on blood fats as opposed to other natural treatments like supplements and vitamins for cholesterol, new and exciting studies are breathing new life into the potential heart healthy benefits of fish oil

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk: Statistics and Current Research

Most people know that cholesterol and heart disease are related. The problem is that most do not even know just how much they are related; specifically in what way they are related; and how new research has affected some of the old notions about high cholesterol and coronary risk. As the scientific community has made rapid advances in the fields of heart disease (likely due to the condition’s death chart topping ranking) our understanding about what we eat and how it ultimately plays a role in our long term heart health has become much more clear, as preconceived notions have been shattered and a new and more health conscious crowd has embraced the lifestyle changes necessary to promote coronary health