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Top 10 Dangerous Statins Side Effects

Cholesterol is an interesting compound found in the body. It is essential to many physiological processes, such as the construction of certain types of cells, and it serves as an important precursor to the production of hormones like those made in the adrenal glands and sex hormones. Most people are familiar with good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol Levels for Women – How Does Menopause Affect Them?

Ah, menopause! It is the time in a woman’s life when their bodies go through changes that no longer allow them to menstruate or bear children. It usually occurs to middle age women around the age of fifty, but it can occur as early as forty or as late as sixty on average. Many changes occur to the body during this time, with the majority of them being hormonal in nature. However, new evidence suggest that changes in cholesterol levels for women also occur during menopause, which can drastically increase the risk of coronary related illness following the change of life

Crestor Side Effects – Common and Rare

Crestor is a synthetic statin medication, and it is one of the most popularly prescribed medicines for use in lowering cholesterol. Statin drugs like Crestor work by limiting the production of substance in the liver. Up to three quarters of the cholesterol found in the blood comes from the liver, thusly medications that slow this production process have shown to be effective at lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease over time

Cholesterol in Meat and Poultry Comparison Chart

The amount of cholesterol in meat has left it relatively off the table so to speak for those who are battling higher than desirable cholesterol numbers. However, recent studies have shown that not only are many of our preconceived notions about high cholesterol foods perhaps holding less water than once thought, but also that the way in which we choose to eat some of our favorite meats can have a big role in the way in which these notorious high cholesterol foods may impact our health

Cholesterol Levels for Men – When Should I Start to Worry?

Cholesterol levels for men can be affected by an incredibly wide variety of factors. Diets that are high in bad fats, for instance, tend to lead to higher than desirable cholesterol levels. And, a sedentary lifestyle has also been associated with out of whack lipid levels. Generally speaking, unhealthy vices like smoking and excessive drinking can also lead to higher than normal cholesterol and, there are also those pesky genetic gifts like heredity and family history to consider as well

What Is Cholesterol Used For – Understanding Cholesterol Role!

Wondering what is cholesterol? You are not alone. Typically it is a word ignored by the thirty and under crowd, and by the time most people start to think about cholesterol, it has been saddled with a negative connotation and dubbed “bad” for the body. This is unfortunate, because cholesterol is actually completely vital to numerous physiological processes within the body (which is why the body itself produces it!) And, while controlling the levels of the lipid is essential to good overall health – balance, rather than reduction may be a better way to think about the molecule.