Low Cholesterol Meals – Top 10 Delicious Choices!

Low Cholesterol Meals

LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” form of the lipids that are found in our bloodstreams that the bodies use for everyday and vital processes like building cells and using energy. Its levels from person to person vary depending on many factors like age, activity level, genetics, risk factors and dietary intake. Since an increased level of LDL cholesterol in the blood is considered an important precursor to coronary illness later in life, controlling it is important in people who are able to use lifestyle changes to make an impact. One of the most common of these methods includes the incorporation of low cholesterol meals as a part of dietary changes.

There are many low cholesterol recipes to choose from, however it is important to understand that just because a recipe is not labeled “low cholesterol” does not mean that it is really NOT, or that it does not provide any heart health benefits. If you use what you know about beneficial foods that contain healthy fats, you can come up with your own low cholesterol meals that include fresh ingredients loaded with compounds that have been shown in studies to lower LDL levels and promote better overall health. For example and to get you started, we have compiled a list of delicious low cholesterol meals for you to consider and provided links to the recipes as well.

1. Spinach Walnut Salad: Combine apples, walnuts and fresh spinach together to create a fun and fresh selection among low cholesterol meals. Not only are two of the main components of the dish (walnuts and spinach) thought to contain compounds that may be effective for how to lower cholesterol naturally, they are both also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Dress with extra virgin olive oil combined with a touch of apple cider vinegar for a tasty way to enjoy healthy fats.

2. Buffalo Burgers: Buffalo boasts just a few milligrams less of cholesterol per serving than regular ground beef, but also half the calories and one third the fat. It is by far a superior burger base for people with high cholesterol as fat intake (along with being overweight from excessive calories) are both contributors to high cholesterol numbers. Grill buffalo burgers and pair with oven potatoes or a fresh salad.

3. Sushi Salmon Salad: The cholesterol content in some fish may be enough to scare many away from this delightful dish, however it is worth noting that while sushi grade salmon may be high in cholesterol and even saturated fat, the sushi salmon salad provides a multitude of ingredients to allow for the delicate fish to be enjoyed in minimal quantities. Included ingredients like avocados which are mainstays of a cholesterol diet for their LDL lowering benefits combine with ginger, edamame and brown rice for a heart healthy meal with an Asian flare!

4. Beef and Barley Stew: If you are looking for hearty and filling low cholesterol meals then you might want to consider beef and barley stew, which benefits from the natural cholesterol reducing power of barley. Further, antioxidant rich tomatoes combine with other heart healthy ingredients like carrots and mushrooms to make for some seriously beneficial comfort food.

5. Arugula and Goat Cheese Pizza: When most people think of pizza, they think of high amounts of fat. And while it is true that pizza from carry out boxes may not be ideal for sufferers of high cholesterol, a healthier version of pizza can certainly deliver in terms of taste and nutrition too. Topping a homemade whole wheat crust with roma tomatoes, arugula, goat cheese and walnuts puts a very different spin on an old classic.

6. Vegetarian Chili: Adding in protein for those who cannot bear the thought of a meatless chili. Organic grass fed lean ground beef is far superior to that which is commercially produced. It is hard to associate chili with low cholesterol meals, however considering a vegetarian option can bring the warm and soothing favorite back into a weekly dinner repertoire. Benefiting from fiber filled beans and antioxidant rich tomatoes, vegetarian chili is incredibly heart healthy. Even better news comes in the form of and thus can actually help lower cholesterol thanks to an ideal omega fatty acid ratio.[/box]

7. Grilled Chicken: Think that chicken can not be a part of low cholesterol meals thanks to its own considerable helping of edible lipids? Think again. While the cholesterol in chicken is worth taking into account when planning meals, grilling the meat to reduce added fat and seasoning with herbs that are known to reduce bad cholesterol can help combat contained cholesterol. Garlic is one of the most popular seasonings for chicken and the herb has been shown to be effective in combating cholesterol levels. It is thought the allicin compound in garlic is what is responsible for this effect. To use the benefits of garlic on chicken breast, combine and the herb alongside rosemary and sage and blend with olive oil to make a marinade. Add the chicken and grill until cooked through. Serve alongside heart healthy greens like spinach.

8. Scrambled Eggs: Shocked that scrambled eggs could possibly appear on a list of low cholesterol meals? Well, it is a lot less surprising nowadays that we have determined that it is possible that eggs raise good (not bad) cholesterol, potentially stymieing their old reputation, according to Men’s Health. Making your scrambled eggs extra creamy does not have to mean adding in whole milk either, consider the relationship between soy milk and cholesterol, electing it instead before you whisk can add extra heart health benefits.

9. Stuffed Potatoes: Canned tuna does not directly influence cholesterol levels negatively. And, what better way to enjoy canned tuna then when blended with artichoke hearts and stuffed inside a baked potato. Basil and provolone cheese add “pizzazz” to the potato stuffing, and when paired with a spinach salad multiple heart healthy benefits arise from something that dare be called part of a cholesterol diet.

10. Seafood Stew: A recipe directly from American Heart Association, seafood stew combines cod, zucchini, carrots, celery and tomatoes with onion, thyme and other spices for a hearty oceanic meal. It is relatively low in cholesterol, reasonable in terms of fat intake (even boasting some monounsaturated) and provides nutrients like protein and fiber too. Lean meat and veggies combine for a flavorful yet healthy dish in seafood stew.