How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Food and Supplements?

How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally? You are not alone. Millions of people have higher than desirable levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol, low levels of good cholesterol or both simultaneously. The old adages of “eat more oatmeal” and “eat more almonds” are fine, but it is virtually impossible to live on oatmeal and almonds alone. And, it is also very boring. So how can you lower cholesterol naturally by eating foods and taking supplements without being stuck on a nut and oatmeal diet? Very easily, actually. There are many foods that can help to lower cholesterol naturally aside from the common mainstays that will ensure a diverse and delicious diet. And, supplements can be useful as well to add an even more potent punch to your cholesterol lowering endeavor. Remember however (especially if you are on medication to lower cholesterol) that you discuss any dietary changes and supplements with your healthcare provider to ensure that no contradictions result from lifestyle modifications.

The tastiest answer to how to lower cholesterol naturally starts with diet, and what could be possibly tastier than chocolate? explains that dark chocolate can boost good cholesterol levels which can keep bad cholesterol from forming a permanent home in arterial plaques. Wondering how to lower LDL cholesterol without the guilt? Consider spinach, which is packed with lutein and can help keep bad cholesterol from affixing itself to the walls of the arteries. If you enjoy wine, you will be thrilled to know that enjoying a glass a day may be a sinful answer to how to lower cholesterol naturally. cites a study that found that wines made with Tempranillo red grapes were able to reduce bad cholesterol levels in women by almost ten percent. For the non drinkers, perhaps a glass of cholesterol lowering tea will suffice? A USDA study showed that black tea provided fast results in terms of blood lipid reduction, dropping them by as much as ten percent is as little as three weeks.

Avocados are also noted for their ability to lower bad cholesterol, and an exciting study founded in Mexico found that test subjects who ate one each day had an average reduction in their total cholesterol levels by seventeen percent. Tomatoes perform shockingly well in terms of reducing the risk of cardiovascular illness as well, with a one third risk reduction being evident in individuals who enjoyed seven servings weekly, according to Reader’s Digest. With all the amazing foods that can help reduce high cholesterol levels, oatmeal can easily be reserved for the occasional warm breakfast.

Wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally without giving up the foods you love? Wondering if you can still eat taboo cholesterol foods like eggs and red meat with elevated LDL levels? Well, as explained by Men’s Health, the answer may surprisingly be “yes”. While eggs have long been associated with being cholesterol packed problem foods, new studies have emerged that show it is possible that the egg has been the victim of misrepresentation. While the yolks do in fact contain cholesterol, a study from the Journal of Nutrition suggests that the cholesterol that eggs raise may in fact be good cholesterol, not bad. And, what about red meat? Well, enjoying that may be all about how it is produced. Grass fed cattle may have far superior ratios of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which means that in addition to boatloads of vitamin E, the occasional grass fed burger or meatloaf may also be a delicious answer to how to lower cholesterol naturally.

So what if you do not enjoy chocolate, red wine, avocados, eggs, beef, spinach or any of the other tasty edibles we have explored? Well, then you might want to consider supplements for natural ways to lower cholesterol. Several of those with a doctor’s approval, may be a natural answer to how to lower cholesterol naturally. Artichoke extract, for instance, might lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (however may lead to the formation of gassiness). And, side effect free barley may also help to drop total cholesterol numbers. Not surprisingly, fish oil is one of the most widely used and recommended supplements to lower cholesterol, but it may also manufacture a nasty fishy aftertaste and gastrointestinal upset. Garlic is another powerhouse among natural ways to lower cholesterol in terms of supplements. It is thought to reduce total cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

While many natural options exist for those wondering how to lower cholesterol naturally, it is important to understand that natural options should not take the place of medications prescribed by a doctor. Medications are used to lower cholesterol fast, and maintain appropriate levels of blood fats. Natural supplements and dietary considerations can help to reduce bad cholesterol over time and can provide support alongside medications that are used to lower cholesterol fast and continue to reduce it over time. However, food and supplement choices can be a great way to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, and there are many delicious options aside from nuts and oatmeal to consider!