Coenzyme Q10 Benefits for High Cholesterol Patients

Coenzyme Q10 Benefits

Interestingly enough despite mounting evidence, many people are not aware of the multitude of Coenzyme Q10 benefits that can be derived from the naturally occurring nutrient. It is a chemical substance that is responsible for creating energy, and it is considered a powerful antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 is produced in the body, and Dr. Mercola points out on his website that the amounts present in the body tend to lessen as we age. However, there is another causative force behind diminishing levels of Coenzyme Q10, and that is the use of statin medications. Unfortunately, this decrease can result in some pretty disastrous consequences.

Coenzyme Q10 benefits are related to cholesterol control because many people with elevated levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol take statin medications. Dr. Mercola explains this relationship, and explains that the pathways that are used by the body to manufacture Coenzyme Q10 are the same pathways that are targeted by cholesterol medications. Thus, a reduction in CoQ10 can occur. The side effects of a reduction in coenzyme q10 can include muscle problems, often the type that are attributed to statin use.

However, new studies are indicating that Coenzyme Q10 and its antioxidant form known as ubiquinol may possibly be the next best supplement to lower cholesterol as well! This extra electron form of the nutrient, according to is thought to actually prevent the oxidation of LDL particles. Why is this relevant? Well because oxidated bad cholesterol is that which is responsible for the formation of dangerous arterial plaques that can lead to blockages and heart related conditions. Thus ubiquinol benefits may include their own form of protection against high cholesterol in addition to providing side effect relief. Coenzyme Q10 benefits from secondary ubiquinol essentially may provide a double whammy in terms of cholesterol numbers management.

But, Dr. Mercola attests that there are other reasons to love Coenzyme Q10 aside from promoting heart health including weight normalization, muscle recovery, attaining healthier levels of blood sugar and an immune system boost. These are claims that may not hold much water in terms of other cholesterol lowering supplements. And, a decline in Coenzyme Q10 has been associated with higher blood pressure and advanced signs of aging. Additionally, similarly to Omega-3 fatty acids supplements, Coenzyme Q10 benefits have been attributed to promoting good heart health. It has also been claimed that neurological benefits as well as increased stamina may be related to proper physiological levels of CoQ10.

While Coenzyme Q10 benefits may not seem as profound for lipid level management as other products like niacin for cholesterol and prescription medication may promote lower LDL levels, it is worth noting that a nearly 13% reduction in low density lipoproteins have been observed in small studies where ubiquinol (a form of CoQ10) has been used. And, unlike many medications and even supplement options, there are very few side effects associated with using CoQ10. WebMD points out that the majority of adverse effects related to the use of the nutrient are infrequent, mild and often gastrointestinal in nature – including diarrhea, stomach upset and a loss of appetite. When comparing Coenzyme Q10 benefits to potential risks, it is easy to see that it is a superior choice if the concern of side effects is something that you are worried about. Not only is it relatively free from adverse reactions, it is also a means to combat those from prescription cholesterol medications as well.

Regardless of the lack of risk associated with taking advantage of Coenzyme Q10 benefits, it is still important that a doctor be consulted before use. This is because although produced in the body naturally, there may be interactions with medications or contradictions with certain health conditions that you are not aware of that a doctor will be able to explain to you. It is also important that if you are using or considering using Coenzyme Q10 as a means to manage statin drugs side effects that you make sure that it is safe to do so with a health care provider. Boasting a wide range of healthful benefits including a great many related to proper heart health, Coenzyme Q10 may be one of the most overlooked and most beneficial supplements to consider.