Cholestoff Complete Benefits and Side Effects

Cholestoff Complete

Cholestoff Complete is a supplement that uses plant sterols and stanols to reduce bad cholesterol naturally. The manufacturer, Nature Made, explains that their Cholestoff product contains 1800 milligrams of these natural compounds in two daily 900 milligram doses, which is just shy of the 2000 milligrams recommended by The National Cholesterol Education Program. But, just how does the product work? And, how do its benefits stack up against potential side effects?

The use of plant sterols supplements is one of the best natural ways to lower cholesterol. WebMD explains that these compounds, which are found naturally in plants, are also one of the simplest natural ways to lower cholesterol. They work by essentially tricking the digestive tract into not absorbing bad cholesterol as much. Because they look and act nearly identically to the cholesterol already produced in the body on a molecular level, they keep the digestive tract from absorbing ingested bad cholesterol by literally getting in its way. Cholestoff complete contains these compounds, that jump to the front of the absorption line in place of bad cholesterol. When the body isn’t able to get the cholesterol it needs from consumed food because the plant compounds are line jumping, it essentially looks to the blood stream to make up the difference, and hence removes the LDL it needs from there. The evidence to back up these claims is impressive – with studies pointing out that three daily servings can possibly reduce LDL levels by as much as twenty points.

One of the biggest benefits to Cholestoff Complete is that its natural product is not associated with some of the side effects that are very common with popular lipid lowering medications. Many of these drugs, like statins, can lead to bothersome adverse effects like pain in the muscles and even sometimes liver damage. There are also other side effects to using lipid lowering medications, like skin problems such as flushing, issues with the digestive system and feelings of weakness and fatigue. Cholestoff Complete is not known to bear serious side effects like many high cholesterol medications are. However, does point out that some users have experienced mild adverse reactions while using the supplement. Some users have reported digestive upset, nausea and heartburn as well. Additionally, some sexual side effects have been noted, like erectile dysfunction and a decrease in sex drive when using plant sterol and stanol based products.

However, Cholestoff reviews found on sites like show users have abundantly benefitted from the product, noting a marked reduction in cholesterol levels with few to no side effects. Many users who have posted Cholestoff reviews have indicated that when combined with diet and exercise, Cholestoff Complete helped them to reduce their LDL levels by noticeable margins. Some users have however noticed an increase in triglyceride levels while using the product, which may be something to consider in potential consumers with already elevated levels of triglycerides.

The science behind the Cholestoff formula is compelling, with its pine tree based stanol and sterol product harnessing the compounds contained in some of the very best cholesterol lowering supplements on the market. These compounds are some of the only things found in nature that the FDA has declared may have heart healthy benefits. Many users find that Cholestoff Complete helps them to control their LDL cholesterol numbers when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. And, the benefits of these plant compounds may even spread to cancer, where early studies have pointed to their potentially positive effects on certain types of cancer like those of the breast, prostate and colon, according to However, it’s important to remember that any considered supplement use should be discussed with a health care provider before trying it, and that anyone taking medication for cholesterol control should not stop taking their medications in favor of supplements without medical advice. In some cases, medications are necessary to control cholesterol and prevent the risk of heart related illness. And, some natural products may negatively impact health conditions and interact with existing medications. If you’re considering Cholestoff Complete, talk to your doctor to see if the supplement, combined with healthy lifestyle changes, is right for you.