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Top 10 Herbs for Cholesterol Control

Cholesterol is a compound that the body needs in order for function properly. The majority of the substance is produced in the liver. Family history and genetics play a role in how much cholesterol the body produces. In an ever increasing number of individuals, managing cholesterol without the use of medications is difficult. The medications most often used to lower LDL (low density lipoprotein) or, “bad” cholesterol are known as statin drugs.

Plant Sterols Supplements Review – Top 10 Picks by Experts!

When we talk about plant sterols and stanols, what we are really talking about collectively are compounds that belong to the phytosterol class of plant substances. They are naturally occurring steroid compounds according to Wikipedia, and are found various forms in plants with over 200 different types identified. Not only are these compounds prolific among supplements to lower cholesterol, they are also added to foods in order to fortify them, and are commonly found in goods like orange juice and margarines. Plant sterols supplements have been proven both effective and safe in terms of lowering cholesterol numbers.

Best Supplements to Lower Cholesterol: Top 10 Picks!

Many things that are found in nature can have a positive effect on our health. For those suffering from high cholesterol, new and exciting studies have shown that naturally occurring compounds in plants and even our own bodies can have a helpful impact on reducing LDL levels.

Garlic and Cholesterol Reduction Interesting Facts

Garlic is thought to contain some of the most powerful natural compounds amongst alternative options for natural healing. Throughout history, it has been used for everything from deafness to leprosy, and it is known as a natural blood thinner. Unfortunately today it is best known use merely to flavor foods like meats and sauces. However, the powerful substances that garlic contains still remain, and may be showing promise for another common health problem – high cholesterol.

Ginger Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Ginger is often thought of as a root, but it actually has a more technical name. It is a rhizome found at the base of the plant called Zingiber officianale. While few have heard of the plant from which ginger comes from, most everyone is familiar with the rhizome it produces. Ginger is most often associated with culinary applications nowadays, however the “root” has been used medicinally for centuries upon centuries

Ubiquinol Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction and Side Effects of Statin Drugs

Found in a great number of supplements and over the counter products, ubiquinol may seem like a relatively simple and straight forward biological compound. However, it is actually a reduced yet complex form of Coenzyme Q10 that occurs naturally in mammals and is rich in electrons. Sounds like a science experiment? Well, it sort of is, as ubiquinol plays a role in the use of energy in the body as well as antioxidant protection

Vitamins for Cholesterol Control – B3, C, E, D and Omega-3s

It may seem strange to think about using vitamins for cholesterol reduction, however in some cases, that may be just what the doctor ordered – literally! Various vitamins have been attributed to lowering cholesterol numbers. And, although just only one has been clinically proven to actually cause a dip in LDL, studies have shown that various vitamin supplementation may be able to promote healthy lipid levels

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplements Benefits for Cholesterol Reduction

Omega-3 fatty acids supplements have become wildly popular in recent years due to their many purported healthful benefits. The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that because our bodies cannot manufacture them, they must be obtained from other food sources or supplements. These supplements are used for a wide variety of purposes including boosting brain function and generalized development and growth

Cholestoff Complete Benefits and Side Effects

Cholestoff Complete is a supplement that uses plant sterols and stanols to reduce bad cholesterol naturally. The manufacturer, Nature Made, explains that their Cholestoff product contains 1800 milligrams of these natural compounds in two daily 900 milligram doses, which is just shy of the 2000 milligrams recommended by The National Cholesterol Education Program. But, just how does the product work? And, how do its benefits stack up against potential side effects?

Cinnamon and Cholesterol Lowering Studies

Cinnamon is a sweet treat that can be added to everything from main dishes, desserts and beverages too, in order to impart a unique and delightful flavor. It has been used for centuries medicinally as a treatment for everything from inflammation to yeast infections. With the ever rising rate of people plagued with higher than desirable levels of bad cholesterol it is no wonder that in modern science, the relationship between cinnamon and cholesterol has begun to be explored