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Good Cholesterol Foods List – 10 Foods that Increase HDL Cholesterol!

When we think of good cholesterol foods, we typically think of those that will not contribute to an increase in cholesterol levels but help to lower them instead. However, that is only part of the equation. What often forgotten about is HDL (good) cholesterol. While it may not get the same famed status as the more sinister of the cholesterol types, HDL cholesterol is also very important. And, like LDL cholesterol, HDL levels can also be affected by dietary intake.

Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol – 10 Foods that Act Better than Drugs!

Typically, when cholesterol levels are high and are sinister enough to bring about a significantly increased risk of heart related conditions or sudden death from strokes and heart attacks, medications are used to lower cholesterol fast. Drugs like statins and fibrates are among some of the most common, and they are often used directly alongside lifestyle changes combined with a cholesterol diet in order to increase the chances to successfully lower cholesterol fast.

Top 10 Simple Yet Delicious Recipes to Lower Cholesterol

When it comes to recipes to lower cholesterol, it may seem like there just are not many delicious and fulfilling choices. However, that could not be further from the truth. There are numerous meal options that not only can help contribute to lower cholesterol numbers, but that do so without sacrificing taste, texture and enjoyment.

High Cholesterol Diet: Myths and Facts

Starting a high cholesterol diet may seem incredibly easy. After all, it is just adding in a bowl of oatmeal and a handful of nuts a day, right? Wrong. A proper high cholesterol diet is much more than a daily serving of hot cereal and a few walnuts – it is about healthy eating that incorporates compound rich whole foods that can help lower LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol and cut down on triglycerides.

Low Cholesterol Foods List – Keep Eggs, Meat and Seafood on The List!

When it comes to a typical low cholesterol foods list, some things just never seem to change. Adding in extra oatmeal and nuts and avoiding meat products and eggs are the commonalities associated with a characteristic low fat low cholesterol diet. But, new studies are emerging that are changing these preconceived notions, and pointing to wider dietary changes and healthier lifestyles in general as better inclusions to a cholesterol diet.

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid – Sugar and Starches!

When most people think about high cholesterol foods, they think about deep fried goodies and foods laden with bad fats. And, there is a lot of truth to these high cholesterol foods to avoid being linked to higher than desirable levels of LDL. However, it is quite possible that staying away from the well known high cholesterol foods is only part of the equation and, that many previously taboo foods for those with elevated LDLs may be less of a problem than other common culprits like sugars and starches.

Low Cholesterol Meals – Top 10 Delicious Choices!

LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” form of the lipids that are found in our bloodstreams that the bodies use for everyday and vital processes like building cells and using energy. Its levels from person to person vary depending on many factors like age, activity level, genetics, risk factors and dietary intake. Since an increased level of LDL cholesterol in the blood is considered an important precursor to coronary illness later in life, controlling it is important in people who are able to use lifestyle changes to make an impact. One of the most common of these methods includes the incorporation of low cholesterol meals as a part of dietary changes.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods – Top 10 NEW Foods You Should Consider!

What is cholesterol? Well it is essentially fat (lipid) molecules that are found in the blood that are used by the body for many processes, including the building of cells. It is made in the liver and also comes from the foods we eat. While the body needs it for everyday functioning, high cholesterol is an important precursor to the later development of heart related conditions and illnesses.

Cholesterol in Eggs – Old Myths and Proven Facts!

If you have high cholesterol, no doubt you have been told to avoid eggs at all costs and eat more oatmeal. And, it is not shocking that the high amount of cholesterol in eggs has led to their seemingly deserved place among the biggest offenders for raising blood fat levels. However, as studies have become more abundant and we have learned more about the way in which our bodies handle ingested cholesterol, the old notions about the egg’s affiliation to raising cholesterol numbers is being challenged

Low Fat Low Cholesterol Diet – Why This Diet Is Not Always Working!

It would seem logical that a low fat low cholesterol diet would take care of just about every case of elevated lipids in existence. But, that is not always the case. This can be very perplexing for people who have chosen to add in more foods to lower cholesterol like oatmeal and omit those that have been shown to elevate lipid levels, like those high in saturated fats. But, while reducing dietary cholesterol intake as well as bad fats are both very important parts of a cholesterol diet, there is one component that is often forgotten, and that is sugar