Plant Sterols Supplements Review – Top 10 Picks by Experts!

Plant Sterols Supplements

When we talk about plant sterols and stanols, what we are really talking about collectively are compounds that belong to the phytosterol class of plant substances. They are naturally occurring steroid compounds according to Wikipedia, and are found various forms in plants with over 200 different types identified. Not only are these compounds prolific among supplements to lower cholesterol, they are also added to foods in order to fortify them, and are commonly found in goods like orange juice and margarines. Plant sterols supplements have been proven both effective and safe in terms of lowering cholesterol numbers.

But, how do these natural cholesterol lowering supplements work? Well, it all comes down to trickery and bullying. As opposed to red yeast rice benefits which include the ingestion of a compound that affects enzymes responsible for cholesterol reduction, plant sterols supplements work in an entirely different way. From a molecular standpoint, they are similar to actual particles of cholesterol. This means that not only can they cause some confusion in terms of who gets absorbed in the intestine first, the cholesterol or the sterols, they also butt their way to the front of the absorption line, leaving cholesterol headed straight for the disposal bin. Wikipedia points out that this effect can actually be complementary to statin medications, boosting their effects and reducing bad cholesterol another 9 to 17 percent when used with the prescription drugs.

Making the decision to choose plant sterols supplements for healthy cholesterol reduction may be an easy choice, but picking one may be an entirely different ballgame. That is why we have compiled a list of the ten best expert picks to choose from. By combining pro advice with user reviews, we have managed to string together a sizable list of the best options for plant sterols supplements to help you choose the one that is right for your body, your lifestyle and your bottom line.

1. Now Foods Beta-Sitosterol: Few plant based phytosterols are as well known as beta-sisterol, one of the most common ingredients in these types of cholesterol lowering supplements. Not only has it been shown to help reduce cholesterol levels, it is also useful in maintaining those that are already healthy that are at risk for increase due to changes in lifestyle or with increasing age. It is an affordable product that adds a heart healthy dose of fish oil, for added cardiovascular benefits.

2. Swanson Ultra Maximum Strength Plant Sterols: Featured in Woman’s World and one of the most wallet friendly options for taking advantage of the cardiovascular benefits of plant sterols supplements, the Swanson product boasts happy users claiming reductions in cholesterol levels as high as sixty points and drops in triglycerides that are absolutely staggering.

3. Nature Made Cholestoff Complete: The Cholesteoff products boasts clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness in reducing the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol in the blood. Its formula is comprised of a proprietary blend of various stanols and sterols that is known as Reducol. Lacking side effects and racking up reviews from happy customers claiming lower lipid levels keeps Cholestoff securely on our top ten list of plant sterols supplements.

4. TrueNature Heart Health Complex: If you want an all inclusive product, then TrueNature’s heart solution is for you. Not only is it chock full of plant sterols and stanols, it also contains fish oil to promote cardiovascular health, and Coenzyme Q10, which has been shown to reduce the side effects associated with statin use and potentially even lower cholesterol in its antioxidant form.

5. Physiologix Phytosterol Complex: Boasting beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol, the Physiologix product combines various plant based compounds into one potent lipid lowering supplement. It is a safe choice for those who have food intolerance to wheat and dairy products and is an affordable choice that still places heavy emphasis on quality.

6. Source Naturals Mega Strength Beta-Sitosterol: Given Source Naturals reputation for quality natural products, it is likely no surprise that their contribution to plant sterols supplements would end up on our top ten. They are products are consistently hailed by experts and reviewers alike. The cholesterol lowering sterol based formula combines plant derived beta-sitosterol with other common phytosterols for a maximum potency lipid lowering product.

7. Diabetix Cardiosure: Looking for nutritional support for diabetes combined with cholesterol reduction? Well, the Cardiosure offering from Diabetix fits the bill. Not only are sterols present in abundance, but the additional dual forces of co q10 and fish oil add for even more LDL reducing benefit as well as contributions to heart health.

8. Moducare Dietary Supplement: Although touted as a means to support immunity, the 100:1 ratio of plant sterols and sterolins can provide a potent punch to cholesterol levels. Interestingly enough, happy reviewers have encountered relief from everything from allergies to arthritis, in addition to an immune system boost too.

9. Webber Naturals: These softgels are another combination product that combines the power of plant sterols supplements with coenzyme q 10 and omega 3 fatty acids. What that means for the consumer is a trifecta of lipid lowering, statin side effect reduction and other potential benefits like an immune system boost and reduced signs of aging. It is free from side effects, affordable and effective.

10. Irwin Naturals Prosta Strong: Targeted towards men looking to improve prostate health, this interesting pick from Irwin can provide heart healthy cholesterol lowering benefits as well thanks to natural sterols and fatty acids combined with clinically proven minerals and herbs. Although formulated for prostate health, the benefits of Irwin naturals may prove to be more valuable to men than just for the prostate.

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